Paradigm shift

March 21, 2021
It all begins with light.
Then, contrast steps in
And movement begins.

So then 2020 happened.

And as the world closed down, it also opened up.

As the days progressed and everybody was waiting for the government to announce the first lockdown, one thing that became instantly obvious was the mushrooming of horizontal, direct solutions and services on social media: tutorials, recipes, meditation, Qi Gong, poetry readings, music concerts, shamanic drumming sessions and yoga proliferated in an instant.

There was, for the first time in our lives, an explosion of direct services and solutions on social media. With the middlemen gone, it shone a possibility on a more equal, connected way of being. During all this the „old guard”: centralised media, the government, large corporations – were, for weeks, absolutely silent: watching TV – apart from the news – was like watching the same old thing. Nobody „up there” knew how to react, or if they did, it took few weeks to percolate down to us trhough their system, showing how slow and sluggish they’ve become. To an unprecedented time in our life, the swiftest response came from the cultural creatives, from people, from you and me, and this was, surely, a glimpse of the future.

In the meantime, in spiritual circles, everybody was strangely mirroring one central message: the paradigms are shifting. „The end of patriarchy”, they said: the end of top-down, restrictive solutions, and they painted a more kind landscape. To me the proliferation of these direct horizontal solutions, the sudden stop the world had to endure (sit down and think!) and the signs of sickness that the world has shown (inequality rising to unprecedented heights, even during a global pandemic) were, to us at least, a direct sign of this happening.

And now, the technology is there, too, suddenly talk of it being everywhere: blockchain. Bam!

With the Szász Estate, we had a few plans, exhibitions for 2020 but now we had suddenly more time … time to dream, even. To go creative with it all, finally. And then the NFT boom happened.

We saw the parellels between Szász and the NFT artists. Long years of labouring without recognition, just an inner drive, being labelled „amateur” didn’t stifle him, but led to a proliferation of creativity, an added fire inside. Only later, after his death was he finally recognised for the aritst he was.

Toiling away at night. He had to overcome other adversities, such as glaucoma and cataract : the fading and ever-smaller world of his vision pushed him to counterbalance this and to make those white dazzling and the blacks pitch black in his images. It, in turn took years of perfecting his own chemical mixture and the procedure of enlarging prints.

So we got together, and decided to bring you the vision and world of dr. Szász.

We are very excited to embark on this trip. We have a clear intention on where we want to end up, but the road there will no doubt take in unexpected vistas or pitfalls. Keeping our eyes on the goal – creating, by the end a true NFT representation of the artist’s world – we are, nevertheless, open as fuck to improvisation, to going to uncharted territory.